(1) A hotel is a plot – a cybernetic universe with its own laws generating random but fortuitous collisions between human beings who would never have met elsewhere.
- Rem Koolhaas, Delirious New York, 1978

To prepare for the upcoming demolition, the majority of the inhabitants of the Wydäckerring have been forced to leave the settlement long time ago. In the meantime, the housing estate has been inhabited by a diverse group of temporary residents with a few former inhabitants still resisting to move. Different institutions have benefited from the empty apartments. The AOZ, helping refugees to settle in Switzerland, the JUWO, a student housing organization, and PABS, a business apartment enterprise, are subletting the flats. All three organizations are representing a very different clientele, but they all make perfect use of the apartment layouts of the Wydäckerring.
Today, the housing market in Zurich is rediscovering small apartments as an asset. Concepts like Microliving try to react to an increasing individualization of lifestyles. It is surprising to see that today, these apartments serve as compact and temporary homes already. But instead of aligning this condition to the forces that would already be available, it is planned to replace the 300 existing “Microapartments” with 175 new family apartments.
If we orientate towards the need for small apartments and acknowledge the temporary dwelling condition at Wydäckerring, we get what we actually already have: Hotel Wydäcker.