(1)The Wydäckerring in a possible ideal state

(2) The Wyydäckerring as a ruin

Restoration is a concept which has been developed by 19th century preservation theorists, namely by Viollet-le-Duc in opposition to John Ruskin. According to Viollet-le-Duc, Restoration describes an action with the aim to achieve a completeness of a building that may have never existed before. Ruskin, on the contrary, argues for material coherence and the beauty of decay. What happens if we apply these concepts to the Wydäckerring and its appearance as unity? Viollet-Le-Duc‘s and Ruskin‘s understanding of restoration are juxtaposed to our concrete example of the housing estate. The imaginary context determines the reading of the Wydäckerring and offers an entry point to how to restore dignity of the existing settlement: A restoration, either as an ordinary housing project in its ideal state – an exaggeration of what it was intended to be –, or as symbol for the passing of time, where a slow decay makes it possible to appreciate Wydäckerring as a ruin.