MACROSCOPE: a broad view on the transformative forces of our world

MICROSCOPE: to track the traces that these forces leave behind

EXPERIMENT: a confrontation of myth and matter

Through a macroscopic lense, we identify the agents of transformation. Various phenomena of a social, cultural, economic, political, or ecological nature overlay the physical world with meaning - creating myths. As we perceive the city as an ecosystem, we look at it correspondingly: in order to grasp it, we have to trace the relationship between the various overlapping mechanisms. By writing speculative essays, we draw a path through this cloud of phenomena, and explore the multiplicity of forces at work.


From a microscopic perspective, we identify the spatial, material and social consequences that the agents of transformation impose on our reality. We look at the world just as humans once explored their not yet understood environments, the remote fragments of nature. We collect any kind of raw data about a place- sourcing from the place itself, from the internet, from archives, databases, newspapers-, and thereby ground these phenomena to specific occurrences.


The agents of transformation are confronted with the collected data. What alternative narratives could these mechanisms produce? What creative potential lies in the conscious play with the forces of transformation? We question, critique, judge, and provoke our reality through conceptual experiments, performative actions, and active engagement - constantly oscillating between the macroscope and the microscope, between myth and matter.