If we stroll through the city of Zürich, we encounter a diverse legacy of built matter that was once designed, constructed, maintained and transformed over time. To us, it feels like an ecosystem - dynamic, complex and in constant flux. The recent population growth and the politics of densification have pushed the city into a state of massive urban redevelopment: After the former industrial areas were transformed in the 2000s, the loose garden city dwellings started to be exposed to the same processes. Meanwhile, many of them have been replaced with new housing projects. And today, with the ongoing growth and the desperate need for investment, even some recently and robustly built estates are up for demolition. We believe that the tabula rasa strategy has come to a point where we have to question it.

Our case study: the Siedlung Wydäckerring. It is located in the west of Zürich near Triemli, and is today owned by three different parties. Condemned to be replaced by an Ersatzneubau in October, it enables us to dive into the complexity that causes such an incident, it enables us to closely trace the power of transformation in real time.

On this website, we archive all the fragments that we collect, encounter, produce. Grounded in the moments of the everyday, our agency acts as an instrument of awareness within this transforming world. Through working on futures we cannot imagine yet, we want to question the “no alternative mentality” of the presence.